for keeping lasogette cc0. hope y'all enjoy the read!

Jun 16, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

nina releases

update 2022.06.13: nina releases is now on bandcamp! [lukas kalmar - nina releases](https://lukaskalmar.bandcamp.com/album/nina-releases) should you be the owner of one of these ...

Jun 10, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

lukas troubleshoots urbit for a week

-this is where my writeup will go. i'm still writing this from 1.8, but i'll try to do a detailed write-up of what happened. or what i think happened- update: i ran out of memory ...

Jun 3, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

urbit 101 for serving the people

May 28, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

kalm on nina

just released a song on nina: [lukas kalmar - "kalm"](ninaprotocol.com/DTecfzj3BfuEUNyLKwsS69bPz1dkFQHmkXJGGiFpHUMo) i know you folks have money, so don't be cheap and support me...

May 27, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

Azimuth Point Data Sonification in the Human Audible Frequency Range

May 25, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

started writing about this and deleted and now i post it here

i think very short representations would also be fun, sorta like very abstract ringtones. [ryoji ikeda's work](https://youtu.be/MsGPRZPLfPA?t=2641) is very inspiring for me. let's ...

May 24, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

check your fucking ports

this is mostly a reminder to my future self: should you have trouble accessing a service on your VPS via https # CHECK YOUR FUCKING PORTS. yep. won't work if port 443 is closed....

May 17, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

fluid ink on skin

dreaming about a new tattoo [by @elfuturonoexiste](https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/v/t50.16885-16/273641801_328942419169596_3601754403781322089_n.mp4?_nc_ht=scontent-frx5-1.cdni...

May 16, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

check out my winamp skins from... 2007

who knew, winamp made a lot of skins discoverable! here's the 2 skins i made back then [SIMPELST (light)](https://skins.webamp.org/skin/b98a8ffb9676851051687334cc5b7a4b/SIMPELST....

May 14, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub

tilde town

[https://tilde.town/](https://tilde.town/) seems rad.

May 14, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub


May 14, 2022 • ~pinsyt-nossub